Ten infants die at Maharashtra hospital due to fire:

In the early hours of Saturday morning, ten new born babies died as fire broke out at a neonatal care ward of a hospital at Bhandara in eastern Maharashtra, the hospital is a state-run hospital.

However, there were a total of 17 babies in that ward at that time when the fire broke out but the staff somehow managed to save seven out of the seventeen babies.The cause of fire is not known but there is suspicion that it might have broken out either due to short circuit or due to malfunctioning of the air-conditioning units.

However, the State Government has ordered to get the matter probed by fire experts.A doctor at the hospital said that out of the ten babies there were eight girls and two boys who all were aged between one to three months. Also, the State health minister said that three infants died of burn injuries and seven died of suffocation caused by the smoke.

The CM, Uddhav Thackeray announced Rs. 5,00,000 for the family members of the deceased infants.

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