Calcutta High court gave directions to permit the terminally ill prisoners to have their last company with their family and friends

Case title:

Re:Overcrowding in prisonsThe Calcutta High court gave directions to the State government to hand over the prisoners who are terminally ill to their family/friends. The judgment was given to highlight that the prisoners are also entitled to humane treatment. These terminally ill people are who have been identified in the affidavit dated 9th October 2020. The motive behind this is to give the mentally ill prisoners nursing and comfort from their respective homes. In the last hearing of the case, it was submitted that the medical treatment received by the prisoners was inadequate.

The court observed that the prisoners should be treated with sympathy and he has to be allowed to breathe his last in the comforting company of his friends and family. If they received the love and affection from their known people, then it brings more peace in their mind. In few circumstances, the under-trial prisoner can be kept for a few days with the family, confined in their home. The court ordered that the state should take immediate action about it. The state should not wait till an amendment because the ill people desolated in jail may die without any human dignity.

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