Saurabh SharmaV.Sub Divisional Magistrate WP(C) 6595/2020 & CM 23013/2020

This affidavit was filed when Saurabh Sharma was fined Rs. 500 as he did not wear a mask while he was driving alone.He asked for a compensation of Rs. 10 Lakhs.

This was filed before the Delhi High court.The central government maintained that Public Health is a matter of the State as Pe Entry 6 of List III of Seventh Schedule and stated that no guidelines were issued for people to wear a mask while travelling alone in any vehicle.

The Central Government asked to be removed from the list of defendants and stated:”The answering Respondent has not issued any guidelines directing people to wear mask while travelling alone in a vehicle. Health is a State subject and the present matter prima facie pertains to Respondent no. 1 (Delhi government.)”

The Petitioner maintained that this fine was unjust and he should be compensated.

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