Nobody is entitled to interfere in the peaceful life of two adults

Allahabad High Court comes to aid of another inter-faith couple
No one can interfere with the lives of two adult individuals who have decided to live together, the Allahabad High Court underscored recently, while directing that police protection be granted, if necessary, to a couple that had married across religions. The Court has repeatedly held that where the two individuals having attained the age of majority, are living together, nobody is entitled to interfere in their peaceful life

In this case, a Hindu woman had converted to Islam prior to marrying her Muslim husband. The petitioners claimed that they are adults and living together out of their own free will.

The Court was told that the woman decided to follow the Muslim religion and converted herself voluntarily. The couple approached the High Court stating that they were being threatened and harassed by family members.

After perusing certificates that verified that the petitioners were adults, the Court directed the police to provide protection to the young couple, if necessary.

The Court also directed the husband to create a fixed deposit of Rs. 3 lakhs in favour of his wife by the next date of hearing on February 2, 2021.

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