German to be repatriated, serving sentence in Gorakhpur district Jail:

An official of the Gorakhpur district Jail said that a 55 years old German, who is undergoing imprisonment of 10 years since November 2014, is being repatriated to his country. He was charged for carrying drugs and was arrested at India-Nepal border in 2014.

According to the Jail Supritendent, Ram Dhani, of Gorkhapur district Jail, the proces of repatriation is being started and Bernd Manfred who was charged under NDPS Act will undergo his remaining imprisonment in a Jail in Germany.As per the information available, Bernd has requested for repatriation about three months ago and the State Government recently informed the Jail authorities to start the process of repatriation.

He was sentenced to imprisonment in December 2018 also with a fine of Rs. 1,00,000 and if he fails to submit the same, an additional imprisonment of six months will also have to be undergone.

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