Supreme Court to hear all pleas against the new farm laws

The Supreme Court expressed its concern over the on going farmers protests and agitations and decided to hear all the pleas against the new laws.

There are 6 petitions which challenge the validity of these laws before the Supreme Court. Additionally there are 2 PILs seeking the removal of protesters and several petitions related to the “violation of human rights” of protesting farmers.

Thousands of farmers from Punjab, Haryana and some other parts of the country have been camping at several Delhi border points since November 28, demanding the repeal of the farm laws, a legal guarantee on minimum support price for their crops and other two issues.

Recently the farmers were onset to conduct a tractor march on 6th and 7th January but it has been put off due to bad weather forecast.

There have been seven rounds of talks between the Centre and Farmer groups, with the farmer groups sticking to their demand for the repeal of the three new laws, and the government listing out various benefits of the new Acts.
The next meeting between them has been scheduled on 8th January.

The bench consisting of CJI SA Bobde, AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramaniam observed that observed that there has been absolutely no improvement in the situation regarding the farmers protests and will take up the petitions on 11th January.

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