Pune hub to track vaccine chain across 41 key cities

Command and control centre has been set up at aviation cargo wing, which will monitor the movement of COVID-19 vaccines across 41 airports with Pune where the vaccine manufacturers serum institute of india is located.

All the airports where transportation efforts will be more focused are Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. Each of this city has a government medical stores depot (GMSD) of central ministry of health and family welfare. Once the vaccine arrives in major cities then it will given to different places of the state.

Then this vaccine will be sent to districts and then to primary health and family welfare said by Rajesh Bhushan in an event.

All the centres will have the facility of temperature tracker, which will upload temperature data on central server for monitoring.

Various airlines ,officials of the concerned authority and serum institute of India will be meeting and discuss the manpower and infrastructure requirements for the COVID-19 vaccine.

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