One year Master Degree to be abolished in India

A Master Degree Program in Law of one year duration introduced in India in 2013(as per
notification) by the University Grants Commission shall remain operative and valid until the Academic Session in which these Regulations are notified and implemented but not thereafter at any University throughout the country.

Education Policy, 2020 of Government of India categorically carved out legal education from
the newly proposed umbrella apex body institution, Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) with its regulatory arm of National Higher Education Regulatory Council [ NHERC] excluding the legal education as one of the only two professional education outside the swipe of the HECI and its regulatory arm, NHERC, making the entire realm of legal education for the Bar Council of India to regulate.

Running a PGPL course (LL.M. Program) is the direct responsibility of a University and cannot be sourced out to any affiliating institutions.

•It is stated that no LL.M. degree will be provided to a non LL.B. student.
•Master’s degree in Business Law may be designated as (MBL); Master’s in Governance & Public Policy as (MGPP), Master’s in Human Rights as (MHR), Master’s in Industrial Laws (MIL) etc., cannot be considered equivalent to LL.M.
• LL.M. degree from any foreign university, prosecuted without an equivalent LL.B. degree shall not be equivalent to Indian LL.M. degree.
•One year LL.M. obtained from any foreign University is not equivalent to Indian LL.M. degree.

“Bar Council of India (either directly or through its Trust) may annually conduct a Post Graduate Common Entrance Test in Law (PGCETL) for admission in Master Degree course in Law in all Universities and until the PGCETL is introduced the present system followed by respective Universities shall be followed. Once the BCI introduces PGCETL it shall be mandatory to admit the students from the merit list of the Test.” , the Rule reads.

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