Consumer Court penalizes actor Anoop Menon for false claim in advertisement

Anoop Menon is a popular Indian film actor and director. He was the Brand Ambassador for Dhathri product. The Consumer Court of Kerala has penalized him for false claim of hair growth in the advertisement. The Court held the film actor liable for making those false claims. He has admitted in the forum that he has never used the product before. Without ascertaining the effect of Dhathri hair cream product, the actor has made false claims in the advertisement. The District consumer Redressal forum ordered the actor and the manufactures of the product to compensate Rs.10, 000 each to the consumer.

The complaint was filed by Francis Vadakkan, a consumer, against the Dhatri Company. In the advertisement, the actor had promised that the use of hair cream will assure lush hair growth within 6 weeks. Though the complainant used it for many months, he did not see any improvement. He approached the forum with a claim of Rs.5 Lakh for the deficiency of service.

The court observed that the brand ambassador had admitted that he had never used the product and the manufacturer could not deliver the good result claimed by the complainant. Also, the precautions printed in the brochure of the product were not clear and visible.

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