Bar Council of India to Push For ‘Minimum Experience’ Clause in Advocates Act

In order to regularise lawyers practising in various courts, the Bar Council of India (BCI) proposed a mandatory experience clause for newly enrolled advocates to practise at the Supreme Court or high courts.

The proposal of BCI reads as follows:“Before joining any high court bar, a newly enrolled advocate will have to practise in a district/taluka court, at least for a period of two years. Any advocate could join the high court bar now only after producing the certificate granted by an advocate having a minimum standing of 15 years at the bar and the concerned district judge. No high court bar association can provide membership to any advocate unless said experience certificate is produced along with the other materials to support the same.”As per BCI the fresher who has practised for minimum of two years at high court will be eligible to practice at supreme court.

The Individual will be given a certificate by the bar association and the register general of that particular high court.

Also, The BCI has requested former and sitting judges of high courts as well as senior advocates to provide training on clinical and non-clinical subjects.

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