Identity Proof of Applicant only in Rarest of Rare Cases in RTI Application

According to an order passed by the Central Information Commission (CIC), lack of identity proof of the RTI Applicant is not a valid ground for the rejection of an RTI Application and the identity proof can be demanded only in rarest of rare cases where there is considerable doubt over the citizenship or nationality of the applicant.

The order was passed in the case filed by RK Malik where he had filed an RTI Application before the Central Public Information Officer, Military Engineer Services and which was rejected on the basis that RK Malik had not annexed his identity proof with the RTI Application. Information Commissioner presiding over the case observed that Section 3 of the RTI Act doesn’t specify any requirement for the applicant to prove his citizenship while asking for information and only in rare cases can identity proofs be demanded.

The Central Public Information Officer was further issued a warning for the violation of the RTI Act and it has been pointed that such acts lead to the restriction or denial of information to the applicant which is against the spirit of the RTI Act.

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