Director of Dwarka School was summoned by Delhi Court for their willful neglect of 4 year old sexual assault inside their school

ln 2017, a four and half year old girl was sexually assaulted inside the premises of Dwarka Private School by her classmate. But the Director of the school has neglected to take action in the case, therefore the Delhi Court summoned the director. The Session judge observed that there was a prima facie neglect by the Director towards his duty. There were no CCTV cameras installed in the premises of the school.

The willful neglect of Ms. Deepa Kumar has inflicted cruelty upon the victim. As per the Directorate of Education, CCTV cameras had to be installed inside the classrooms, but the same was not complied. There is a reasonability to the Chairman and director to check compliance with the Directorate of Education. In the FIR, the victim’s mother stated that the incident was reported by the victim to her teacher through a text message. But the school did not take any action on the case. Also, there was no helper or teacher present in the classroom at the time of incident.

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