Covid-19 vaccine: Dry run in Punjab, Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat

The exercise of dry run vaccine will continue for two days, December 28 and 29, in two districts each. There will be no vaccine involved in the process, which will only check the feasibility of the plan which involves real-time monitoring through Co-WIN app.

The government has set January as a target to roll out the Covid-19 vaccination drive in India. Though India has not given a nod to any vaccine for emergency use, Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine, tested and manufactured in India by Serum Institute, is the front-runner.

The dry run will be a mock drill. Everything except vaccine administering will be tested. Data will be fed to Co-WIN app, cold storage will be tested, the transport of vaccines from cold storage to the sites, crowd management at sites will be checked.

The dry runs too will be conducted in all different settings — district hospitals, community health centres or primary health care centre, urban site, private health facility and rural outreach.The aim of the exercise is to identify challenges and make required changes in the plan so that the final process becomes foolproof.

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