Delhi Riots: Mehmood Pracha moves court to preserve copy of search’s video footage

A special cell of the Delhi Police had raided Advocate Mehmood Pracha’ s office, who is one of the advocates in the matters of the Delhi Riots that took place over the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019. The raid was conducted on orders of the Magistrate court that had also directed for recording the same, between 12:00 PM and 3:00 AM on 24th December.

The advocate has filed an application before the Patiala House Court of Delhi under section 156(3) and section 165(5) of the CrPC. Section 156(3) provides for monitoring of a case by the Magistrate while section 165(5) prescribes that copies of any records made during a search should be sent to the Magistrate and if an application is made, to the occupier of place searched hereby.

The Assistant Ahlmad of the court reported that no copy was received. The Duty Metropolitan Magistrate (MM) has directed the investigating officer to file a reply by December 27 in addition to a status report of one of the cases by January 5.

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