Pakistan Court orders immediate release of Omar Sheikh

A Pakistani court has ordered the immediate release of Omar Saeed Sheikh declaring his connection with the abduction and murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl.

The Sindh High Court declared the detention orders of the accused Omar Sheikh and others in Daniel Pearl murder case as null and void.

Omar Sheikh is one of the terrorists freed by the Government of India in 1999 during the exchange of Hijacked Airplane. The court has ordered immediate release of Omar Saeed Sheikh and also Fahad Naseem, Sheikh Adil and Salman Saqib.

Daniel Pearl was a 38-year-old South Asia bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal, and he was abducted and beheaded while he was in Pakistan for investigating a story in 2002 on the links between ISI and al-Qaeda. Omar Khalid is an al-qaeda leader and his three aides were convicted and sentenced in the abduction and murder case of Pearl. A Pakistani court had earlier accepted Omar Saeed Sheikh’s appeal against the death penalty and commuted his sentence to seven years in prison.

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