Karnataka High court orders police officer to clean road for failing in registering the FIR.

In Tarabai v. State of Karnataka, the High Court of Karnataka orders the house officer of the police station to clean roads near the station for a week as a punishment. The road in front of the police station in Kalaburagi was ordered to be clean. This punishment is given to the police officer who failed to file the FIR in a case.

In that case, a mother filed a complaint about her abducted son. A habeas corpus petition was filed by Tarabhai to produce her son. The division bench observed that there was no development in the case after the missing person was abducted. The police officers have not complied with the provisions of the criminal procedure code. The bench also observed that the officer had not made an entry in the station house diary and has not registered a FIR regarding the same.

The police officer was assigned the community service to clean the road in front of the police station and he was asked to file an undertaking that he will not repeat the same in future with an unconditional apology for not filing the FIR. The court accepted and directed the officer to comply with the same. The court also gave directions to the Superintendent of Police of the district to conduct orientation programs for officers regarding the “Zero FIR” and provisions of Criminal Procedure Code.

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