Covaxin activates immune responses, no side effects: Bharat Biotech

As per the information available in the research paper published by a Hyderabad based firm, the Bharat Biotech Covid vaccine is in the late stage clinical trials and haven’t shown any adverse effects till now. It has triggered both humoral and cell- mediated immune responses. But the researchers said that the efficacy of the Vaccine can be evaluated in the large phase three clinical trials.

The phase 2 clinical trials are being held at a total of nine hospitals and with 380 participants who all have different geographical locations. Also the participants include the wide range of ages and found no differences in the immune responses across the all age groups, the researchers said.

A human body has two mechanism of immunity responses. First is humoral body response also known as antibody- mediated immunity. Usually, when a virus enters a body cell, it is most likely not to be detected by antibody- mediated immunity. Second is Cell- mediated immune responses which is most likely to take over to kill the virus.

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