Orissa High Court: Filing of fabricated evidence amounts to contempt of court

In Chandramani Kanhar v. State of Odisha, the High Court of Orissa held that any forged document filed before the court amounts to criminal contempt under 2(c) of contempt of court Act, 1971.

On 21st of December, the Orissa high court was dealing with an interim bail application filed by the petitioner. The grounds of the bail was that his wife was suffering from multiple diseases and the doctor has advised to take complete rest. The petitioner had attached the medical prescription and other fitness documents with the bail application.

The State raised doubts over the legitimacy of medical documents. Therefore, the court had ordered an examination on the medical documents to check the authenticity. After the examination, the report concluded that the medical documents were forged documents as there is no such doctor working in the hospital. Also, the designation seal was found to be fabricated.

The court ordered to take immediate steps and the deponent was found guilty before the court for contempt of court. The course of action in approaching the court in a fraudulent manner interferes with the administration of justice as per section 2(c), therefore such a person should be punished for the wrongdoing and should also be given a deterrent form of punishment.

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