Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) modified for Civil, Criminal Cases: Telangana high court

The Telangana High Court has made it clear to the district judiciary that in criminal cases, the presiding officer concerned should proceed in accordance with the law and pass consequential orders if the accused does not appear or is not represented by a counsel on his behalf to dispense with their attendance whenever summons are served on them.Similarly in civil cases, the presiding officers should act accordingly if the respondents or defendants or their counsel remained absent without representation despite summons or notices being served on them.

In criminal cases, the presence of the accused shall be dispensed with and the courts shall not issue non-bailable warrants (NBWs)

In June this year, the High Court, in the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) issued for district judiciary, had stated that no coercive steps should be taken, ex parte orders passed, or warrants issued against the party or witnesses in the absence of any representation and the matters be liberally adjourned.

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