Chhattisgarh HC questions jurisdiction of NCW order to register case against journalist

The teacher, Anuradha Dubey, filed a written complaint against the editor of newspaper, Bastar Sharma who published a report to reveal how she acquired the government post despite being “underqualified.”

 Sharma published a news report on how Dubey working in a private music school as dance teacher secured appointment as a public relation officer in the tourism department in 2012 without meeting the eligibility conditions and later her government job, which was on deputation, also got regularised.

Meanwhile, Bastar filed a petition in the HC against the order citing that the decision was taken with the biased intent and it can only act as the authority to recommend but with no magisterial powers vested with the Commission.

The petitioner’s counsel, Awadh Tripathi stated that the court has also served notice to Dubey on how she returned to the former position in the tourism department now.

The court acknowledged that the Commission on its own cannot give the directive to the police to register a criminal case and take someone into custody, and has thus stayed its order till the next date of hearing. The Commission took cognizance of the complaint and passed the order on November 10th, 2020 to file an FIR against him. The police were asked to take him into their custody.

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