Gujarat:Gold worth Rs 1.10 crore missing from Jamnagar customs custody

Gold worth Rs 1.10 crore is missing from the custody of Jamnagar custom department, according to an FIR registered with Jamnagar B division police station.
The FIR alleged that some government official is involved in this criminal breach of trust even after knowing that the gold belongs to the government, the gold has been taken for personal benefits.As per the FIR lodged by Ramsing Yadav, an inspector working with customs department, Jamnagar had taken the samples of smuggled gold and silver which was seized during various raids by Bhuj custom division during 1971-1976 were kept at Bhuj custom office.
The office got damaged during 2001 earthquake and gold nearly 3149.328 grams along with silver has been transferred to Jamnagar custom office.
The gold suitcase was sealed by the responsible officials of Jamnagar and Bhuj division of custom Departments. The custom seal of 2001 showing the signatures of the gold depositor and gold receiver.Accoridng to FIR the samples were packed in the suitcase was returned to Bhuj custom division on October 18,2016. The seal was broken in the presence of officers of Jamnagar and Bhuj custom divisions and other witnesses after the panchnama.the keys of suitcase were missing and so they broke the has been found that 1.10 crores of gold is missing.
The chief commissioner on December 11 asked officials of Jamnagar to register a formal police FIR.

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