P&H HC directed Haryana to dispose off cases related to Tablighi Jamaat within 3 months:

The Haryana Government and all its trial Courts are being directed by the HC to dispose off all the cases related to the Tablighi jamaat within 3 months.

These directions were issued by the bench of justice Gurvinder Singh Gill, while he was hearing the petitions filed by Sheikh Mustafa and others of Ambala district regarding expeditiously disposal of their case registered under FIR no. 213.

The HC made query that whether the state is intending to move any application seeking to transfer of all cases related to Tablighi jamaat to one district, the counsel on behalf of the state replied that since there are only 3 cases so far which are either under investigation or under trial and out of 3, 2 are if Ambala district and 1 is of Gurugram and there is as such no intention of shift the case related to Gurugram Tablighi to Ambala.

Thus, the HC ordered that all these cases be disposed of as expeditiously as possible.

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