Orders By Public Institutions Should Be Made Available Online For Good Governance: Delhi High Court

A Single Bench of the Delhi High Court comprising Justice Prathiba M. Singh, in M/S Civicon Engineering Contracting India Pvt. Ltd. v. Central Board Of Trustees & Ors., observed that all institutions, especially those providing services to the public, should make it a point to make all their orders, notices and other documents available online.

The order was passed in a writ petition filed by M/S Civicon Engineering Contracting India Pvt Ltd., aggrieved by non-supply of an order passed by EPFO (Employee’s Provident Fund Organization), for default in payment of contribution by the employer.

The Court observed that the non-availability of such orders, especially during a Pandemic where all offices are operating in a virtual mode, is unjustified.
Further, having such orders readily available online would not result in petitions such as the present one being filed in a court, where the only goal of the Petitioner is to obtain the copy of an order from the concerned authority.

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