Karnataka High Court says denying a job on compassionate grounds to a married daughter violates right to equality

This observation was made on Tuesday by the single-judge Karnataka High Court bench of Justice M. Nagaprasanna while considering a petition brought by Bhuvaneshwari V. Puranik challenging the denial of consideration for appointment on compassionate grounds on the death of her father on the basis that she is a married daughter.

The Joint Director (Administration), Department of Agriculture Marketing, in response to the petitioner’s request for appointment on compassionate grounds, released an endorsement denying the request on the ground that the rules obtained do not entitle the petitioner to apply for appointment on compassionate grounds on the ground that she is the daughter of the deceased employee who is married.

In this writ petition, this rejection order is challenged by aiming to quash them by issuing a writ in the form of certiorari.

While allowing the petition, the court stated that the rule which violates the interpretation of Articles 14, 15 must be regarded as unconstitutional, because the exclusion of daughters solely on the basis of marriage constitutes inadmissible discrimination which is invidious and is contrary to Articles 14 and 15 of the Constitution of India.

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