Madras High Court voices concern for the police force and questions the state

On 7th December 2020, the Madras High Court addressed a writ of mandamus seeking an increase in per capita income of the Police force in the state. While addressing this issue, the court observed that there is an absence of mechanism to address the grievances of the police force. The police force due to the work pressure, undergoes a lot of stress physically and psychologically. Emotional decisions are taken by police during the phase of frustration. The bench took a note of the leave provided police constables. They are denied from attending their personal family functions.

Without adequate rest or break, they are working continuously under stress and pressure. The court said that this is the main reason for suicides and desertions in the police department. There is no stress management skills, they are driven into bad habits and sometimes end up in committing suicide. Further few questions were posed by the court to the respondents. The questions were regarding the grievance mechanism, problems faced by police personnel, pay and promotions, leave or break given to police force. The court has held that the comparative statement of pay and answers to the questions posed by the court has to be filed on or before 17th December 2020 by the respondents.

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