300 fell ill in hospital as mystery illness hits Andhra’s Eluru town, one death also reported

A very *“mysterious”* ailment has hit Andhra Pradesh’s *Eluru* town, with one death and around 300 residents hospitalised with severe complaints of seizures, sudden loss of consciousness, frothing and shivering.

The patient who has been reportedly died was undergoing treatment at Eluru in a government hospital.

The local health authorities are clueless of the fact as to what this disease is. The strange question is as to what had triggered the symptoms in people living in a vast area with no common epidemiological link.

It all began on Saturday, 5th December with 45 people from four different Eluru localities showing strange and weird symptoms. Following the symptoms about 46 children and 70 women have been hospitalized. The nervous system seems to have been affected. But the causative agent is not clear.

Many Health experts are diving into various angles, including chemical poisoning through air pollution or contaminated milk.

Some believe that it is a case of mass hysteria.Officials said they are providing initial symptomatic treatment.

“We are carefully watching the health condition of patients who fell sick at Eluru. Two kids admitted at the old government hospital in Vijayawada are currently doing better. We are waiting for test reports. In my 25 years of service, I have never seen such cases,” said Dr Suhasini, DM&HO, Krishna.

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