Telangana High Court has refused grant bail to accused in Honor Killing

In the case of Gudur Sandeep Reddy v. State of Telangana, the bail was denied to the accused. The plea was dismissed and Justice K. Lakshman observed that the people in our country are victims of honor and casteism. Gundur Sandeep Reddy and his relatives had killed the boy who married the complainant girl. The girl’s contention is that her relatives had killed her husband because he belonged to another caste and her family did not like the inter-caste marriage.

The learned judge referred to the observations made in the case of Sakthi Vahini v. Union of India and the guidelines of action to be taken in cases of honor killing. The court dismissed the plea as there is prima facie evidence and sufficient grounds to believe that the accused have committed the offence. The roles played by the accused were also clearly found. The main 3 factors observed in the said order are: Honor killing is a global phenomenon, No change in attitude can be found in the next generation youth also, in many cases the women faces the problems of honor killing than men. Therefore, it is a gender based violence.

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