SC pulls up telangana government for ‘insensitivity’ towards case of BHEL officer’s suicide

Telangana government and police was remarked by supreme court for their insensitive approach towards a BHEL employee who committed suicide last year on account of workplace sexual harassment.

The writ petition was filed by the mother of the victim to transfer the criminal investigation regarding the death of his daughter due to sexual harassment at workplace from state police to CBI or any independent agency. The writ petition was heard by justice A. M. Khanwilkar.

Supreme court directed that the home secretary, state of telangana should look into the matter and release certain directions directing the Registry to forward a copy of this order to the Home Secretary. State of Telangana for immediate compliance through e- mail/on-line.

The petitioner pleaded that “Despite a lapse of more than eight months, the Telangana state police is not even filed the chargesheet. The main accused of the instant crime is a native of the state of Telangana, whereas the deceased was a Hindi speaking outsider, belonging to Bhopal, MP. Hence, there is strong apprehension to the mind of the petitioner that the Telangana police has a strong linguistic and regional bias in favour of the accused and against the deceased”.

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