Justice DY Chandrachud addressed the Summit on Legal Professionals with Disability

Hon’ble Justice DY Chandrachud of The Supreme Court of India, expressed concerns on the professionals with disability and the limitations of CLAT examinations and Law schools regarding such.

Quoting him:

“The tests that serve as entry points to enter the legal profession, most notably the Common Law Admission Test, are set out in a way that does not account for the unique challenges faced by disabled test-takers and places them in a disadvantageous position vis-à-vis their able-bodied counterparts.
If CLAT is listening to me today, I am sure this is something that we need to address at the earliest, namely, the exclusion, which CLAT by its very design, has perpetrated on the entry of the most talented students in the legal profession”

He also stated that the such limitations and helpllessness faced by the students began in CLAT but continued in Law schools and internships.
Quoting him:

“When it comes to internships and participating in law school life, the disabled must face the prospect of having to deal with unfounded biases, a lack of an understanding of their actual needs”

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