Kerala Union of Working Journalists asks Supreme Court to use its powers to order the release of jailed Siddique Kappan

The KUWJ has requested the supreme court of India to take cognizance of this matter and use its constitutional powers to pass an order of release of journalist Kappan stating that as an illegal and unlawful arrest and detention. the KUWJ has also requested to form a committee under a retired judge of the supreme court to perform a judicial inquiry of this matter.

The KUWJ in its affidavit stated that the charges and allegations that are framed against Kappan are false and self-made. the facts given against Kappan are self-contradictory and misrepresented to justify the illegal detention of Kappan.

The journalist, Kappan, was arrested while he was going to Hathras district to meet the victim’s family. the UP government in its affidavit stated that Kappan was moving to the Hathras in a false identity of a newspaper reporter which was closed in 2018. He was a CFI activist who was trying to disturb the law and order by using the matter of caste division.

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