U.P. Governor promulgates religion ordinance 2020 on unlawful conversion

The governor of Uttar Pradesh has signed the UP prohibition of Unlawful conversion of religious ordinance 2020. The ordinance was cleared by the State Cabinet and was promulgated on November 27. The new legislation provides for penalties of imprisonment for 10 years for unlawful conversion of religion. The UP CM, few days back announced that a new law would be brought to keep a check on the “love jihad”. This ordinance makes unlawful religious conversion as a cognizable and non-bailable offence. Conversion which is done for the sole purpose of marriage is to be declared null and void.

The person who desires to convert their religion has to give a declaration in advance to the district magistrate or the additional district magistrate. The prescribed time is 60 days prior to the conversion. The declaration should show that the conversion is done in his or her wishes and without any type of force or coercion. Even the religious convertor should give 1 month prior notice of the sad conversion.

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