Minor fakes rape case to save herself from getting scolded by her parents.

A 14-year-old tribal girl from Chattisgarh’s Kawardha district allegedly made a false case and allegation of a gang-rape story to save herself from being scolded by her parents for coming back home late.

She left her home on November 22nd informing family that she is going to meet a friend, after it was midnight and she did not return, her parents started searching her in the neighborhood. Approximately at 11:30 pm, when they were going to inform the police, the minor returned. She then cooked up a story and told the family that four anonymous men had gang-raped her when she was accompanied by her male friend.

Soon after, based on the girl’s statement, a complaint was filed and special teams were allotted for the investigation further, though the team could not find any suspect and they soon knew that the girl was being dishonest.However, no action has been taken against the minor.

Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, applies only to minor boys in consensual relationships and the girls with false allegations are let free, which shall not be encouraged.

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