India restricts International flights till 31st December, DGCA will allow only selected flights.

According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation “Only those flights will be allowed which are approved from case to case basis by the DG”
The international services have been suspended in India since 23 March.

The notification came under the notice passed by the government with title “Travel and Visa restrictions related to COVID-19”
Acknowleding the extensive growth in the cases of covid, the government has taken a substantial step in taking control of the cases.

It is also stated in the order that this notice does not apply to international all-cargo operations and flights approved by the administration of DCGA.

However, if there is an instant emergency then the people can travel solely depending on air bubble arrangements.

These air bubble arrangements will have an air bubble pact between two countries. India has air bubble pacts with 22 countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Bhutan, Canada, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Iraq, Japan, Kenya, Maldives, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Rwanda, Tanzania, The UAE, the UK, Ukraine and the USA.

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