RT-PCR test cap fixed at Rs 400 across country: Center’s response sought by Supreme Court

Bench headed by Chief Justice of India SA Bobde has sought the centre’s response on the plea to reduce test prices.

Advocate Ajay Agarwal had filed the plea in Supreme Court stating that the actual price of RT-PCR tests is 200 Rs where as exorbitant rates are charged, RT-PCR test was fixed between Rs 900 to Rs 2,800 by various state governments, Union Territories and NCT of Delhi.

“It is submitted that if such inflated billing by the private hospitals can become a cause of concern for the insurance industry, what will be the plight of a common man who neither has a fat wallet nor an insurance cover to reimburse, in case, he requires hospitalization in a private hospital. It is a matter of grave concern that a large section of people in India still do not possess any insurance cover and are also not benefitted under any government health scheme.” Said petition.

After which the response of Central Government on plea to fix cost of RT-PCR at Rs 400 maximum across country has been sought


  1. Your order of INR 2400.0 with Genestrings Diagnostic Centre is processed. Paid: INR 2400 Bal: INR 0.0 Powered by LiveHealth.in

    ( Kha hai court ka order follow karnae walae )


  2. If actual rate is 200 then why is it quoted at 400 why the extra.
    For the common man at this pandemic time every PENNY is valuable considering that would be good.Thank you


  3. I would like to point out that if the actual rate is Rs.200/- then why are you’ll fixing the amount to Rs.400 /- considering the pandemic where people are struggling for every PENNY.


  4. Share the Address and contact details in Ghaziabad where i will give my covid 19 test sample @ Rs 400


    1. The plea was concerned with private hospitals yet a response from the central government is still awaited to implement the new price


  5. Thank God the supreme Court has intervened and given relief to citizens
    Medical institutions are using this covid situation to fleece the public and make money at the cost of poor people. All medical institutions should be controlled as stopped from fleecing sick patients as well.


  6. Thank you to the Judges of the supreme Court who have brought some relief to the common people! I hope they stop the hospitals from fleecing the patients in all cases and put a cap on charges !!


  7. It is a wecome development. Should have been done long back.
    Has a clear notification been issued by the Govt. to this effect?
    If not, when can we expect?


  8. No lab is willing to do for 400 ..I have called a few they r sticking with 2400 what to do now??even if the court orders r not adhered to then who will these labs listen to?


  9. If this was the real cost then what the government’s have done is gross injustice to the people of India and made millions only on basic test and the hospital bill were inflated under the nose of Government and have made the killing.


  10. This report appears faulty.
    The SC does not seem to have given any such order yet.
    Delhi govt has fixed the charges as 800/- ( 1200/- if sample collection done at the patient’s place).


    1. The supreme court awaits the response of the centre to the same is what the report says.Thank you for letting us know about the same. We apologise for the misleading news and have accordingly edited it to convey the news more clearly.


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