Madhya Pradesh: Imarti Devi resigns from cabinet following defeat in bypolls

Imarti Devi is a Minister for Women and Child Welfare Department. She recently sent her resignation to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Three ministers of the Chouhan-led cabinet Aidal Singh Kansana, Girraj Dandotia and Imarti Devi lost by-elections.
Kansana was the first among them to put in his papers, and after that, Dandotia resigned from the cabinet. after that,
Imarti Devi has sent her resignation to the Chief Minister. The Congress has alleged that there is something fishy behind their not resigning from the cabinet, despite losing the by-elections.

On one hand, Congress’s media coordinator Narendra Saluja alleged that Imarti Devi had not resigned as there was some big tender in WCD pending. Whereas on the other hand, Imarti Devi said that she had already resigned from the cabinet.
According to sources, the ministers who have resigned may be made chairmen of corporations and given the status of ministers.

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