Shivraj Singh Chouhan to consider collecting tax for cow welfare in MP

Madhya Pradesh’s Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan said on Sunday that he is planning to collect small amount as tax from the public for the welfare of cows in the state of MP. Unlike the ancient times, people do not leave a share of their meals for domestic animals like cows and dogs anymore. Therefore the state is taking up the responsibility through the medium of taxation to feed the 7 to 8 lakh stray cattle roaming in the state.

He also announced that cow milk will also be given to the children in anganwadis. Madhya Pradesh government is also planning to construct nearly 2,000 new cow shelters, some of which will be operated by NGO.

A meeting was held earlier on “Cow Cabinet” wherein it was said that the state government will form the Mantri Parishad Samiti to work for the protection and promotion of cows.

The initiative is said to be a collective one as the Mantri Parishad Samiti would involve not only the animal husbandry department but also related departments and their principal secretaries.

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