Contempt of court petitions filed against CEC, political parties for Bihar Elections

A Delhi-based lawyer, Brajesh Singh had filed a petition before the Supreme Court on November 6, naming the Chief Election Commissioner, Sunil Arora, Bihar’s electoral officer, HR Srinivasa and the office bearers of the Janata Dal United, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Lok Janshakti party, All India Congress Committee and the BJP.

The petitioner contends that the parties are in contempt of the Apex Court’s order dated 13th February, 2020 in which Justice Rohinton Nariman had ordered the disclosure of all pending cases of all Assembly and Lok Sabha candidates along with the reasons for casting them in the party over other decent citizens. To curb criminalization of politics, these details were to be published on the party’s website, social media and in any national and local newspaper.

The Election commissioner has also been alleged to have failed in his duty to inform the court of failure to publish information by whichever was earlier; within 48 hours of selection or two weeks prior filing notification. 164 of the 353 candidates have been said to have a “tainted image” with RJD topping the list, followed by BJP and others.

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