CBI on Rajiv Gandhi Assassination before the Supreme Court.

On who is the Competent Authority to address the issue of Remission of AG Perarivalan, The Rajiv Gandhi Assassination convict, CBI pointed the finger at Tamil Nadu Governor before the Supreme Court of India.

The affidavit filed stated that The remission issue is matter to be decided by the Governor solely ans the cBi maintained that it has no role in such.

As per the status report that has been filed with regards to such before the Supreme Court of India, to quote:
“As per the permission granted by the Hon’ble Designated Court No.1 (under TADA Act l9B7), Chennai, the Mulit-Disciplinary Monitoring Agency of Central Bureau of Investigation is conducting further investigation on the mandate given to it. The progress of the further investigation is submitted to the Hon’ble Designated Court No.l at Chennai. The further investigation spread over to different countries and the status of the same have already been submitted to this Hon’ble Court”.

This extremely sensitive issue was held in-camera in the Supreme Court of India.

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