Permanent commission for women in the army

Women considered for permanent commission in army gives a positive result
70 percent of lady officials who were considered for permanent commission in the military by a special Selection Board have been chosen to serve a full term in the army . 422 ladies out of 615 who were considered for permanent commission has been discovered to be fit for the function by the board .
The board was gathered, long time after the government issued a formal order in July giving permanent commission to ladies following a Supreme Court decision. The order issued on July 23 by the government, indicated specified permanent grant commission to ladies officers in 10 streams – Army Air Defence (AAD), Signals, Engineers, Army Aviation, Electronics and Mechanical Engineers(EME), Army Service Corps(ASC), Army Ordnance Corps(AOC) and Intelligence Corps in the addition to the existing streams of Judge Advocate General(JAG) and Army Education Corps (AOC).
Women of short-service commissioned(SSC) was given 31st August as deadline to submit their application for permanent commission in Army.
The supreme court judgement was hailed for making a remark in the army. It maintained a 2010 Delhi High Court decision. The supreme court decided that ladies official who join the Indian Army through Short Service commissioned are qualified for permanent commission if they have served for more than 14 years in the army.

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