Kerela Gold Smuggling Case Update

The former Secretary of the Kerela Chief Minister,M Sivasankar, approached the High Court of Kerela for Bail, owing to the investigation he is facing for alleged smuggling of Gold .

Arrested on 28th Oct., his anticipatory bail was dismissed by the Kerela High Court. He has kept on arguing his plea of innocence .
The main accused in this case are Swapna Suresh, PS Sarith, and Sandeep Nair. They are all being investigated by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), ED and Customs.

Quoting the Bail Application:
“The Enforcement Directorate made wild allegations and made some allegations that the petitioner tried to contact Customs official which they could not substantiate by producing any materials. Even the customs has no such case till date. Only with a frustrated attempt to substantiate the arrest of the petitioner, such an allegation was leveled by the Enforcement Directorate. The respondent heavily relied on the statement of the 2nd accused, but they failed to understand the fact that she is an accused at the time of giving the statement against the petitioner in Enforcement case.”

Bench of Justice Ashok Menon, Kerela High Court, rejected his application.

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