Just Dial pursues legal remedies to counter India mart Intermesh’s data theft allegations

Delhi High Court gave investigation orders on India art Intermesh’s allegations related to launch of Just Dial’s upcoming B2B PROJECT-JD Mart.

Just Dial said that the above order was passed ex parte and currently the company has not been provided with the complete set of legality and paperwork.

JD is carrying out all legal remedies in the court to counter allegations filed by IndiaMart Intermesh limited related to the launch of its B2B project, JD Mart.

The company also highlighted that IndiaMart themselves are indulging in illegal activities in all possible manner either by copying data or content of the company, cybersquatting, etc.

Further JD said that the company is in the process of taking a legal action to guard its interests from these malicious activities of Indiamart Intermesh Limited. The company respects the court’s order and will be presenting themselves before the court shortly.

The company concluded by saying that they suffer from no plagiarism, the company has built their goodwill over the last 25 years and such allegations by the competitor are baseless. Company will ensure to take a strong legal action against any platform talking data theft from the company and against the fraudulent intentions of any competitor.

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