Ban or regulation of online gambling?

In the case of S Muthukumar v. Union of India and ors, The Tamil Nadu Government have been mulling over introducing a new Law to ban or regulate Online Gambling This came to the notice of Madras High Court.

Justice N Kirubakaran and B Pugalendhi heard the PIL filed against Online Rummy when it was notified regarding the Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minster point of view on this regard :

“The government Is contemplating serious action. The Chief Minister has come out with a statement that there shall be a complete ban on online gambling”, was informed to the court.

The court stated:

“How long will it take? Every day lives are lost…. Why don’t you come with a memo on what steps are contemplated? We want a commitment. When the CM says, it is final. There is no problem at all, but when?”

The court also spoke about Celebrity Endorsements:

“… all these people, celebrities, are becoming ambassadors for these kinds of things. And we are told that one cricketer has got so many followers – if he appears in an advertisement, ten thousands will follow. In our country, hero-worshipping is there…and in Tamil Nadu, cinema (actor) means finished… Even if one person who has acted in a movie (endorses such games) – immediately, he will become the future of Tamil Nadu.”

This PIL was filed owing to the number of suicides that were happening due to Online Gambling.

The Bench adjourned the matter after asking the Central Government to clarify their views on this matter and direct the state to file an affidavit within 24th of November on the procedure to either ban or regulate online gambling.

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