Allahabad High Court Grants Bail 9 Thailand Nationals

A Allahabad High Court bench comprising Justice Siddharth on Thursday granted bail to 9 Thailand Nationals who attended Markaz at Nizamuddin, New Delhi in March 2020. They were granted bail under Case Crime No. 198 of 2020 under Sections 188, 269, 270, 271 I.P.C., Section 3 of Pandemic Act, 1897 and Section 14-B, Foreigner Act 1946.

The applicants, Hasae and 8 others are Thailand Nationals and are alleged to have attended the Markaz in Nizamuddin, New Delhi, without informing the District Magistrate of their stay at Shahjahanpur.
The counsel for the applicants contended that the applicants have been implicated on account of fault committed by Masiullah etc., who were required to inform the District Magistrate about their presence in Shahjahanpur as hosts.

The Court directed, that “the applicants involved in the aforesaid crime be released on bail on their furnishing a personal bond and two sureties each in the like amount to the satisfaction of the court concerned.” Earlier, the Allahabad High Court had granted interim bail to six citizens of Bangladesh, accused of violating their visa condition by attending the Tablighi Jamaat congregation without proper medical examinations.

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