Joe Biden wins US presidential elections, Kamala Harris becomes the First Woman to be elected Vice President

The United States 2020 Presidential election was one by the Democratic Party electing former vice president Joe Biden as the 46th President of the country after crossing the required benchmark of 270 electoral votes. Aged 77, Biden would be the oldest man to be elected as the US president. In a first, Kamala Harris would make history by becoming the first woman of colour to be elected the Vice President.

The elections that took place amidst the global pandemic had also witnessed the use of mail-in votes which were recounted in several states causing the delay in declaring the results. Former Republican President Donald Trump has expressed his will to challenge the election results in the Supreme Court and has refused to concede stating that the “elections is far from over.”

Kamala Harris had earlier served as San Francisco’s district attorney and California’s attorney general before running her own presidential campaign before joining Biden while the latter had served as the Vice President during former President Barack Obama’s tenure.

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