Delhi Court grants bail while writing poem in its order: Delhi Riots

Karkardooma Court chose a different way to grant bail while pulling up Delhi Police over their lack of evidence, the judge wrote a poem in its order for allowing bail to a Delhi Riots Accused, Babu.

Additional Session Judge Amitabh Rawat while hearing the matter through video conferencing wrote:
“Babu pleading for his bail;
State opposing tooth and nail.
Summers bygone, winters have arrived;
But crime you did, and Rahul cried.
I am not the one, I am not the one;
Too grave the charge, don’t pretend.
Whom did I attack, where is he;
Oh! That we know, in the trial we will see.
You say I have said & I deny from the first blush;
Rahul may be gone yet Satish said.
Didn’t we say; don’t rush;
Let me go, let me go, even Imran is on bail.
Even then, even then; it wouldn’t be a smooth sail.
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop;
I have heard, heard a lot.
Mind is clear, with claims tall;
Its my time to take a call.
Babu has a sordid past;
proof is scant, which may not last.
His omnipotence can’t be assumed;
Peril to vanished Rahul, is legally fumed.”
Take your freedom from the cage you are in;
Till the trial is over, the state is reigned in.
The State proclaims; to have the cake and eat it too; The Court comes calling ;
before the cake is eaten, bake it too.

Babu has been arrested for allegedly shooting Rahul with a gun who vanished later. The court allowed bail to Babu and directed him to furnish personal bond in the sum of Rs. 10,000/- along with a local surety of like amount.

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