SC to Centre: Issue Directions for the prohibition of use of disinfectants and ultra violet rays on humans.

The Supreme Court requested the Center on Thursday to provide guidelines for the prohibition of the use of COVID-19 disinfectants and ultraviolet rays on citizens. In a month’s time, a bench led by Justice Ashok Bhushan called on the Government to do what was required.
A plea was given in order to see to the Center that disinfection tunnels involving spraying or spraying of chemical disinfectants on humans be immediately prohibited from being installed, developed or marketed.
On 7 September, despite the fact that chemical disinfections are physically and psychologically harmful, the apex courts questioned the centre why it had not banned the use of tunnels to disinfect COVID-19 people.
The Court of Justice had previously been notified by Solicitor General Tushar Mehta that the Ministry of Health did not provide any guidelines for the use for the management of COVID-19 of ultraviolet lights for human disinfection. Mehta said that spraying any chemical disinfectant would also be harmful to people physically and mentally.

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