‘Boisterous’ lawyer feels the brunt of P&H High Court judge’s ire

A somewhat “boisterous” lawyer of the Punjab and Haryana High Court has received a reprimand. It has been alleged that this lawyer, Sushil Gautam, has been claiming that he had “made” many judges.

The change in his behavior has been attributed to his losing a case and turning “rowdy”. The court found that the lawyer has been bragging that he had been “instrumental in making many a judge.” He threw a challenge to the court to try and reject his arguments.

Justice Arun Monga has been cut up about this lawyer’s attitude problem. Said the judge: “To say the least, the tone, tenor, manner, and conduct of the learned counsel for petitioner leaves a lot to desire. Yet, taking a lenient view thereof, this court rather prefers a self-restraint from taking any further action. However, on the invitation of the learned counsel for the petitioner, the cost imposed is enhanced to Rs1 lakh.”

The fine imposed apart, the immediate instigation of the lawyer’s behavior seemed to be a case dealing with an educational trust in Haryana. The lawyer argued (for petitioner Shiv Kumar Chauhan) that the Swami Vivekananda Educational and Charitable Trust should be dissolved.

The petition was dismissed with a cost of Rs 50,000 to be deposited in the Covid-19 fund created by U.T. Administration, Chandigarh. But the attitude of the lawyer was not to the judge’s liking. He doubled the cost.

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