20 States failed to file their response regarding the Second National Judicial Pay Commission

The Second National Judicial Pay Commission submitted its final report on January 29th, 2020. In the report, recommendations such as increase in the pay, pension and allowances of Judicial Officers has been given. The body was formed by the Apex Court pursuant to its orders in the All India Judges Association case. The recommendations proposed by the Body are applicable to Judicial Officers across the country.

As per the revised pay structure, the Junior Civil Judge/First Class Magistrate whose starting pay is ₹27,700, will now get ₹77,840.

Senior Civil Judge will get a starting pay of ₹1,11,000 and that of a District Judge ₹1,44,840.The highest pay that a District Judge (STS) will get, is ₹2,24,100.

The Bench led by CJI SA Bobde and Justice AS Bopanna and Justice V Ramasubramanian, on 4th Nov., were surprised that 20 states have not filed their responses. They observed that the matter is of seminal importance for the subordinate judiciary in the country and reply is must.

Hence, this bench of the Supreme Court passed a peremptory order seeking reply of State Governments to the recommendation proposed in ‘Second National Judicial Pay Commission Report’ within a time-period of five weeks from the date of issuance of order.

Giving a warning to the States, the SC told that if the States will fail to comply with the order, then the Chief Secretaries will have to personally appear before the Court on the notified date.

The Court has also directed that the proposals submitted by the Commission for sanction of payment to experts and consultants be processed.

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