Madras High Court suggested Harsh punishment laws for corruption to the centre

A two judge bench of Madras High Court comprising of justices N. Kirubakaran and B. Pugalendhi while deciding the matter in the case of Title: AP Suryakrasam v. State of Tamil Nadu & Ors., observed that Central Government should consider more stricter punishments to curb the corruption.

Further the bench observed that “The Central Government may consider imposing punishment, such as, “hanging” or “death penalty”, for corrupt practices or for demanding and accepting bribes, like in China, North Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Morocco”. The bench reasoned that “Corruption has become deep rooted and has spread like Cancer. Every day, it is reported in the media that many officials are caught red handed, while taking bribes. Hence, the punishment needs to be enhanced”.

The court was deciding on the PIL filled by Advocate AP Suryakrasam, pointing out demand of bribe by the certain officers and certain shortcomings in procurement of paddy from the farmers at the various Procurement Centres.

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