Farmers File Plea in Kerala High Court Seeking To Declare Wild Boar ‘Vermin’ under Wildlife Protection Act

A group of farmers have filed a writ petition in the Kerala High Court seeking to declare the “wild boar” as a “vermin” as per Section 62 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. Wild Boar attacks in have been continuously affecting a large population of farmers in Kerala.

Six farmers from the Kozhikode district have filed the petition through Advocate Amal Darshan. The petition states that wild boar” is at present a wild animal included in Schedule II of the Wildlife Protection Act. Therefore, attacking or killing the animal, can expose a person to criminal prosecution under the Act.

The petition seeks that under Section 62 of the Wildlife Protection Act, the Central Government can declare certain wild animals as “vermins” which may be killed, like rats, mice,crows, fruit bats etc. Wild boars be also included in this section, thus, the growing population of wild boars could also be kept under control.

A single bench of the High Court has sought the response of the State Government on the plea.

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